The Village and area of Sallachy

The road up the glen to Sallachy
Looking across Loch Long from the road to Sallachy

The road to Sallachy is a road back in time. Although the village of Sallachy nestling in a typical highland glen is charming, its the scenery and history of the area that fascinates all who come here. There is plenty of wildlife here and people regularly report sightings of rare species.

Sallachy village is a few miles in the single track road which twists and turns its way around the loch. In some places the road ahead is obscured by sharp beds and rises, so keep a lookout for oncoming traffic as there is a steep drop on one side!

The road used to be a droving road all the way over to the east coast of Scotland and making detours off the main road (using a detailed OS map) you may find the ruins of old crofting communities now abandoned. There are people still in middle age who remember these communities as a child...

A few miles past Sallachy is Killilan. Taking the left road walk along this private road for around four miles to Glen Elchaig.

This is also a longer alternate route to The Falls of Glomach - just keep going on through the estate lands up Glen Elchaig and you will eventually come to a small board that points off up to the right to the falls. WARNING

If you carry on up the track (i.e not detour to the falls) you will eventually reach the Iron Lodge. If you want to go further than this then prepare for an overnight camp.

To get to Sallachy turn right off the A87 towards Conchra just 200m after the bridge at Dornie if you are coming from the Inverness direction.

NOTES: The above information is for reading purposes only - its not meant as a guide. If YOU go walking in the hills get a proper Landranger Ordnance Suvey Map and tell people where you are going and when you hope to return. Only this year (2005) a teenager who got lost had to shelter in snowy conditions in this glen for a day or so. He survived.

Sallachy location

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